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Our Hotel

We are located in the northern center of Portoviejo city, surrounded by a major commercial and banking area, in one of the main avenues of Portoviejo (Manabí Avenue) where we can find a fun area of ​​Portoviejo, restaurants, bars, pharmacies and all kinds of shops. The hotel’s location near the Comercial center, makes Ceibo Real the perfect accommodation for tourists and business guests. Spacious hotel rooms, including 1 presidential Suites, Junior suit, single rooms and more, ensure guests a comfortable stay in this contemporary design hotel.

We have prepared with high sense of responsibility and service, our mission is to deliver the best we have, comfort, warmth, elegance and good care.



Portoviejo city, the capital of Manabí is a city with high trade and tourist attractions. Being in the Ecuadorian coast, has many tourist attractions in and out of the city, one of them is the Crucita beach together with the Mangrove La Boca. they are the coastal profile of the county. Crucita is recognized worldwide as part of the practice of paragliding. Also as part of the rural area is Enchanted Lagoon located in the parish San Placido (little visited) which has mysteries hidden in its waters.

Changing location of the city where we live with pure nature, we find the Mamey Ecological Park (much visited by athletes and children playing inside), also the UTM park, before called Botanical Garden, and then another of the busiest as it is Forestal Park and the Central Park, also called Vicente Amador Flor, whose interior is full of history, culture, politics, between others.

There is an enchanted place full of culture, history it is the Cerro Jaboncillo place, where remains of crafts, debris or objects used by the ancestors while enjoying a view of the city away from the present. What catches the attention of tourism in the city is the food, which is valued by foreigners, quality and hospitality of its people is what most attracts attention, so once inside you feel like at home .